Thursday, December 13, 2007

Neko's Obsession Kitty AO

I am so insanely proud of this! I finally put together a full Neko AO! The animations in it transition damn near seamless, and I'm gonna be making a lot more that can be added to it. My goal is to keep them all as cute and as smooth as possible. It's on sale for 400L at all my vendors, the main store is at Ibranic (189, 178, 121). If you have any ideas for animations to go in it, don't be afraid to drop me a line :)

Long time update

Dear god, I haven't updated in forever! I'm not even going to bother explaining the stuff, I'm just gonna post pictures ^.^

Friday, September 28, 2007

Great News!

Okay, this shoulda gone before kitty toys chronologically, and it's gonna drive me nuts till I find something else to drive me nuts, but anyways, I GOT A NEW GALLERY!!! Ilana threw it up in a few hours last week. She insists on giving me some credit because I did the little round cut away dealie, but she did 90% of the work.

Also, I've started a new contest at my gallery that I hope some of you will participate in. I have two of my newest works hanging up to the left of the entrance into the gallery. Right now they are un-named. That's where you all come in. Right inside the entrance is a green notecard box. Drop a notecard with the names you like for those two pictures. I'll pick the names I like best, and offer it up as a contest. Whoever's names win will not only be used, but they will receive the first copies of the pictures for free, as well as have their name added to all future sales of them, so nobody forgets who thought of the name :)


Dear god, I forgot I even had the blog! Guess i better get posting on my new toys, huh?

These two above are in the same vein. I love's 'em. So much fun to play with another cutie with them.... okay, so I didn't really make this one... My girl Jenn did :) I told her since she's using my account, I get to keep the money. Then I bought her MySims and she forgot what Lindens were :)

Hee, this was just a goofy one I made by myself, just to prove that I still know how to animate. It had been a while, and as usual, for me, it's perfectly symmetrical. Just can't get myself to break that habit. Dang OCD :)

I saw something like this being advertised on a website and just HAD to make it. It's just too freakin cute. On a side note, all 6 of those kittens are Ilana, Lyssa and I. Ilana's learned some photoshop magic of her own :)

Okay, Jenn made this one again, and honestly? I have no idea how she made the animation. All we have to work with is Qavimator, and she still makes them wonderfully. And she made it specifically because she knew I would sit there and stare at it for hours on end. Shinies driving in a circle? Of course I was hypnotized!

Friday, July 13, 2007

New Kitty Toys!!!!

I finally decided to make some more stuff that will ACTUALLY make me money ^.^ A lot of these wouldn't have been finished without Ilana's help. Love you honey.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

More weapons!!!

These ones I made just for fun
Indian Katar

Double-sided Ji

Butterfly Swords

Twin Sabers

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Weapon time!

First the really big news. Got me a partner! The gorgeous Yora Vig, who I'll post a picture as soon as I get a sufficiently embarassing one, has joined Ilana, Lyssa and my little threesome to make it a quartet. She's maybe the one person more kinky than me, so I legally had to distract her to save the rest of you :)

My new obsession, started by my friend Mercy McNally, is making weapons. She pointed out to me that SL was filled with Katana's, and few other types of swords, and asked me to make her a Chinese 9 Ring sword, here's the results

I think it turned out pretty good, so that got me going, I'll post the rest later, but I told Miss Kara Wind about it, and she asked me to make her a warhammer and a viking shield. Well, I was bored, so I made those, as well as a viking sword for her

To say she was happy is a bit of an understatement. I'll pose the rest in a few days, maybe with picture of them and me in warrior pose wielding them :)